Your Brand Catalyst Intensive

Invest in a powerful, catalysing business and career-defining session led by Global Brand Strategist Nicole Hatherly.

In your 1:1 energising, practical and hands-on Brand Strategy session we'll focus on your Brand Architecture and Brand Positioning before we articulate your value to update your profiles.

We'll get you unstuck and propel you forward in your brand, profile or business. 

From aligning your vision and direction, gaining clarity on your business, products and offerings and articulating your value in Linkedin, your website or CV to amplifying your voice in Thought Leadership or  with a social media strategy, podcast guest interview plan or launching your own - this one-off session will take you next level in your work and life.

Intensive session (2hrs).


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Hi, I'm Nicole Hatherly

Great to meet you!

I'm obsessed with Brand and Humans.

With 30 years experience (yep, I started young 😉) as an award-winning Global Brand Strategist, International Keynote, Thought Leadership Expert, and International Awards Judge, Nicole has designed strategies and driven results for iconic and global brands including CommBank, CommSec, TikTok, Foxtel, Woolworths, Subaru, Electrolux, Yahoo, Mirvac and Telstra and shared the stage with BrenĂ© Brown, Seth Godin and Arianna Huffington. 

It's my unique ‘Branding Professionals’ work that sets me apart. I focus on the nexus of Personal Brand, Professional Brand, Purpose Brand and Thought Leadership to ignite possibility, opportunity and impact.

But my philosophical depth of understanding identity, value and reputation that combines with my Brand expertise and Design Thinking training to offer you incredible insight. 

I've branded, rebranded and re-energised thousands of humans, from high-profile celebrities, sports stars, media personalities and thought leaders to Professional Experts, Entrepreneurs and Executives across the globe. Her work guides Professionals to align their vision, articulate their value and amplify their visibility, wherever they are in their career journey, without feeling like a big-noter, boaster or impostor. 

Trained by LinkedIn for LinkedIn Social Selling, I co-led a strategic team to implement the successful CommBank Social Selling Program for 500 Business Bankers over 5 years - and is consistently ranked in the top 1% for my industry and network across LinkedIn.

I also come with a solid understanding of the Financial Services Industry, products and services supported by Securities & Managed Investments Accreditation from Deakin University (ASIC Compliant RG146). 

Our Brand Catalyst Client Transformations 


Debbie - Successful Entrepreneur

This program exceeded my expectations. 

With Nicole's guidance creativity and expertise I now have a new pathway and positioning that is 100% aligned. 

While in the program, I changed my current silo offering into a 6-month program, had a sales call booked directly after and bought it immediately. Boom!!

As an added bonus my new methodology and 6-month program not only provides better outcomes for clients but also creates a clear roadmap for working with clients.


Sammi - High Profile Expert and Coach

Nicole has a unique way of connecting the dots and beautifully articulating what you can’t see of yourself and translating that into a public personal brand.

Nicole has the ability to  understand, clearly communicate and offer guidance on not just how to do it but also why, which allows you to really “get it”.

Highly recommend working with Nicole on anything around personal brand, positioning yourself and profile. Excellent speaker & coach.



Jacqui - Global  Business Integrator

Incredible! THANK YOU! I quickly felt seen and understood for my talents which was an incredible relief.

My relevance, trajectory and confidence was restored with the steps and tools to do it.

The process is highly refined and productive, yet full of heart and human elements which accelerate the process. Nicole's knowledge and understanding of people and business is expansive. The sessions are focused and dynamic. It is amazing how much can be moved through with knowledge transferred during a session.